What curl
does your customer have?

It is important to find out what type of curl you have in order to choose the right treatment. The method below was created by Andre Walker, the hairstylist for The Oprah Winfrey Show. Find your curl type for the best results!


Light “S” waves in the hair. The hair is close to the head and does not curl up. This is often fine and thin hair and is easy to style. It can easily be made straight or curly.


Slightly more “S” waves in the hair than with type 2A. This type also lies close to the head and does not bounce. This hair type is a bit more difficult to style than 2A and has a tendency to frizz.

curl type 2b


This hair is often thicker and coarser in structure and has more curls than types 2A and 2B. This hair type is more difficult to style and you will also suffer more from frizz. This hair type often has a straight underlayer or a more curly underlayer (pipe curls).

curl type 2b 2c


Type 3A curls have a distinct “S” pattern. Curls are well defined and spring up. By nature, the curls are large, loose and often shiny. 3A curls have a diameter of sidewalk chalk. In general, this hair type is easy to straighten. The appearance of 3A curls strongly depends on the climate.

curl type 2C 3A


Curls that are very defined, bouncy and voluminous. Hair is better hydrated than 4B curls and has a Varying from bouncy ring curls to tight corkscrew curls. The diameter is the size of a marker. This texture type is difficult to straighten, but it can be done. 3B curls are generally not very shiny and the texture can be quite coarse.

curl type 3B


Tight corkscrew curls, lots of volume and a diameter of a pencil or straw. The curls can be kinky (zigzag curled) or very tightly curled with very much hair packed together. In general, it is possible to straighten this hair type, but it is much more difficult than hair types 3A and 3B. 3C curls are often fine in texture.

curl type 3c


4A curls are tightly coiled and have an “S” pattern. Hair is better hydrated than 4B curls and has a clear curl pattern. The diameter of the spirals is close to that of a crochet hook.


This type has a “Z” pattern and less defined curls. Hair is better hydrated than 4B curls and has a Instead of curling or spiraling, 4B hair bends at sharp angles like the letter Z. This hair type has a cottony feel. This is very fragile hair, so be extremely careful when styling it! This hair type can range from fine and thin to wiry-coarse with very many strands packed closely together. 4B curls shrink up to 75% of their actual length.

curl type 4A 4B


This hair type consists of curl patterns that curl very nicely if they are well supplied with moisturizer. Moisture and nutrition are very important. A curl cream or a curl definer are not necessary because this curl can curl up to 75% during drying. The texture of 4C curls can vary from fine, thin and super soft to wiry, coarse with tightly packed hair. This type of curl is often twisted or crunched (braided or twisted).

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