This hydrophilic cloth was specially developed for Curls Control. The cloth has A-quality that is not comparable with other hydrophilic cloths. The material ensures that the cloth will remove moisture from your hair, but will not absorb the product. This means that your hair dries faster, you retain the effects of the previously applied products and there is no frizz. You can dry your hair with the hydrophilic cloth by gently dabbing or scrunching wet hair. The cloth is also suitable for popping.

Advantages hydrophilic cloth

  • Ideal size (120x120cm);
  • super absorbent;
  • 100% separately woven cotton that only removes moisture from the curls;
  • Washable at 60 degrees;
  • breathable material;
  • lasts for years to come;
  • only gets softer with use.



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Hydrophilic cloth (120x120cm)

Highly absorbent hydrophilic cloth

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Hydrophilic cloth (120x120cm)

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