This professional hairdressing comb from Phuse was specially developed for curly hair. The comb meets all the quality requirements of a professional hairdresser and is therefore definitely suitable for you! The comb is infused with keratin, protein, argan and olive oil which ensures that the hair is not damaged. The long and coarse teeth are perpendicular to the comb so that it can effortlessly glide through all types of curls. Our advice is never to comb your curls/hair dry. It immediately creates a lot of frizz and your curls may break off. Use the comb on wet hair that has been treated with Moisturiser or the Curl Crème. Start combing at the bottom of the hair and slowly work your way up. Thanks to its anti-static property, it is also perfect for very curly hair!

The most important features:

  • Length of comb: 13.5 cm;
  • It is very light and fits comfortably in the hand with a special grip;
  • Ideal for detangling;
  • long and wide teeth;
  • antistatic;
  • to be used for long and curly hair;
  • top finish;
  • very durable;
  • resistant to chemicals.

Experience for yourself the absolute top workmanship and attention to detail with the professional hairdressing combs from Phuse. Prefer a comb with handle?

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Curling comb small

Specially developed for curly hair

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Curling comb small

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