What does this training day entail?

The CG Method, what exactly is it?

  • Workshop basic curl care

Who is this training (with model) for?

Professional hair stylists who want to enrich their knowledge in the field of curly hair and who want and can advise their curly customers optimally.

  1. Do you want to become an expert in curly hair?
  2. Optimally advise your curly customer when they take a seat in your chair?
  3. Being able to analyze the curl
  4. Being able to have an intake conversation
  5. Product knowledge (Curls Control)

The Curls & More trainers will work with you during this training, so that you can analyze every curl in your salon and provide the right advice with confidence.

CG-method training

Immerse yourself in the CG method during this training.

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No animal testing

CG-method training

Curious about what the course looks like?