A good balance between moisture and nutrition is the basis for healthy curls.

Before you start with the care, it is important that you ensure a good moisture balance. Think of curls as a rolling paper – once it’s full, it doesn’t absorb anything anymore. Therefore, always crunch the moisture in your curls before you start applying the product. Crunch until you hear a “suds” sound. Then do the same when applying the Moisturizer, Curl Cream and Curl Definer: crunch while you hear that sound, this gives your curls the chance to absorb moisture and nourishment.


Instructions Cleanser

Clarifying Detox Shampoo

Instructions Clarifying Shampoo


Instructions Moisturizer

Curl Cream

Instructions Curl Cream

Curl Definer

Instructions Curl Definer

Naast deze basislijnproducten hebben wij een Silver Shampoo, een vernevelaar, de SAWA-brush, krullenkam, universele diffuser en de hydrofiele doek in ons assortiment. Neem voor meer informatie een kijkje in onze webshop.

How do you use our products? Check out the full wash routine:

Drying your curls

Dry with a diffuser
Press your curls up and place them in the diffuser head down or to the side. Cold/lukewarm setting, slow drying is best for curls. Air drying is also an option. Place clamps for volume on top if necessary.

You pop when you don’t want to diffuse or if you don’t have the time. Wash your hair in the evening, take care of it and then go to bed with a cotton t-shirt around your head. This is especially recommended if you have a full head of curls.

DON’T TOUCH YOUR CURLS DURING DRYING! Doing so will disrupt the process and fixation. During the fixation, the product encapsulates itself around your curls and reduces fluff.

Frizzy hair
If you notice that a section is drying up a bit fluffy during the drying process, apply some self-made product to the curl with the nebulizer. Smells delicious too! You can only touch your hair when your curls are completely dry.
Extra volume
For some extra volume, insert the afro comb at the roots of your hair and flip your curls up slightly. You use this to separate the bundles and create extra air at the roots.
Greasy or limp hair
If your hair feels greasy or limp, you’ve used too much product. If the hair is frizzy, then you’ve used too little Molsturizer. Remember: LESS IS MORE! Experiment from there.
Styled hair
If you have styled your hair a lot, don’t forget that curls need a recovery period. This will take at least 2 to 3 months, but keep using the curl products. These products care and restore. Do not style in between, otherwise the process will start again.
CC1-certified curler
Our advice is to also go to a CC1-certified curler. Good cutting is the basis for a beautiful curls! Not every hairdresser is a trained curler with an understanding of curls. Cutting curls is really a profession in its own right! Looking for a good curler? Find a CC1-certified hairdresser near you. Find a CC1-certified hairdresser near you.
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