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Are the products CG-proof? (Curly Girl method)

Yes. Curls Control products can be used in the CG method.

The Cleanser, Moisturiser, CG Clarifying Detox Shampoo and Curl Definer are CG-friendly

The Curl Crème has a washable silicone. This is not harmful for your curls, but it is also not CG-friendly.

My curls sometimes feel greasy and heavy which makes them less curly. What can I do about this?

To solve this, we first need to know the cause. Below are the possible causes with solutions.

What can cause this:

  1. You use too much product. When you use the products from Curls Control for a longer period of time, your hair becomes healthier. Your curls get extra nutrition and care from the products. Too much nutrition can cause them to feel greasy and heavy.

Solution: Use less product

  1. The cleanser is not rinsed out properly. When you don’t rinse out the cleanser well, your scalp is not cleansed properly, which can make it feel greasy and heavy. Besides, the Cleanser is only meant for the scalp, the rest washes along automatically. After rinsing out the Cleanser, your hair will feel a little rough; that means it is properly cleansed.
  2. Using products other than Curls Control. Using other products such as a firmness mousse can cause build-up. This is an accumulation of left-over hair products. Curls are very sensitive to this.

If you use other products, we recommend using CG Clarifying Detox Shampoo once every 3 to 4 weeks to completely cleanse your scalp.

What is build-up?

Build-up is a layer on top of your scalp or hair that consists of accumulated scraps of:

  • Perspiration and sebum (natural build-up);
  • product build-up;
  • minerals from hard water or chlorine;
  • silicone.

How do I know when I have build-up?

You may notice that you have build-up when you suffer from any of the following characteristics:

  • Your curls look dull;
  • Your hair fluffs up more quickly;
  • your curl sags;
  • Your scalp is itchy or flaky;
  • Your hair feels and looks a bit greasy.

How do I know when I have build-up?

We have developed an ideal product for that: CG Clarifying Detox Shampoo. This shampoo strips your hair of build-up. Your hair has never felt so clean! The shampoo is so powerful that you should only use it once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Where in my routine can I use another mousse?

We do not offer mousse ourselves, but you may still want to use one for extra volume, for example. We advise you to stick to the routine as follows:

(Follow all steps with wet hair)

Step 1 Cleanser
Step 2 Moisturiser (optional as a leave-in)
Step 3 Apply the mousse to the scalp
Step 4 Curl Crème
Step 5 When curls are completely dry scrunch

When using mousse, we recommend using CG Clarifying Detox Shampoo once every 3 to 4 weeks to completely cleanse your scalp and avoid build-up.

How do I make a pineapple?

  1. Use a ribbed hair elastic or a satin bondage.
  2. Bend over to make a tail as high as possible on your head. This prevents you from lying on it while sleeping.
  3. Put the elastic or bondage around your hair once. Do not twist your hair and do not put the ends of your curls between the elastic or the bondage. Leave your hair loose in the elastic.
  4. Your Pineapple is ready! Sleep well, gently shake your hair loose in the morning and scrunch it a little if necessary. If you have shorter curls, then secure the loose strands with sliders. Did you wake up with fluff? Moisten the fluffy part of your hair it and apply a fingertip of Moisturizer or use the atomizer.

Why do you use the self-made product?

Have you had a restless sleep and do you still experience some fluff when you wake up? In that case the atomiser with the self-made product is the ideal solution.

By activating your curls with water and a dilution of the Moisturiser, you activate the products that are in your curls (from the washing routine). The product will attach itself back to your curls when it dries. That is why it is important not to touch your curls during the drying process. Touching them disturbs the process. Don’t touch your curls!

How do I make the self-made product?

  1. Thinly cover the bottom of the nebuliser with the Moisturiser. You can always add more Moisturiser later if you think it is needed.
  2. Add a layer of hot tap water in the nebuliser, enough to mix the quantities. Approximately 1 to 2 cm.
  3. Shake this small layer well so nothing sticks to the bottom.
  4. Fill the nebuliser with lukewarm water until it is approximately 2/3rd full.
  5. Shake the vaporiser well so that everything mixes together.
  6. Finally, you must let the vaporiser cool down well without the cap on. Then your self-made product is ready for use.

Always shake the nebuliser before use.

Can I continue to use my own shampoo?

We do not recommend it for the best result. Our products are coordinated with each other and that combination ensures the best result.

If you still want to use your own shampoo, make sure it is a shampoo without sulphates. Sulphates are the harmful substances in commonly used in “normal” shampoo.

Many shampoos, toothpastes, detergents and washing-up liquids contain Cocamidopropyl Betaine, which causes foaming.

In addition, many surfactants also cause the shampoo to foam. Foaming is not necessary to cleanse properly. Many people still think that when your hair starts foaming, it means it is clean. This is not the case and it only gives a clean and good feeling, but in the meantime it affects your hair. So choose a shampoo that does not foam (as much) and does not affect your hair.

What are sulphates and why are they bad for your hair?

Many hair care products contain harmful ingredients such as gluten, parabens and sulphates. Sulphates are bad for your hair. It is a hydrochloric acid; a surfactant.

The sulphates remove the natural oils from your scalp and hair. These are oils that your scalp and hair need to stay healthy. If your scalp does not have enough time to produce new sebum, it may become dry and irritated. This usually results in dull and dry hair.

In addition, some sulphates consist of relatively small molecules. This makes them able to penetrate deep into your hair. Also in the places where colour pigments (after a colour treatment) are located. As you can imagine, sulphates can cause damage here, too. This is especially visible in the fading of coloured hair.

Will your products also give me curls if I do not already have curly hair?

No, unfortunately we cannot work magic. If you do not have curls, this product will not make your hair curl.

If you have a bit of a wrinkle, the products can enhance the curl when used correctly.

Can I also apply the Curl Crème to dry hair?

No, you should not apply the Curl Crème to dry hair. The wetter your hair is, the better the cream will work. After you have applied the Curl Crème to damp hair, you can style your hair as usual and then diffuse or air dry it.

How do I dry my hair?

You can either let your hair air dry or use a diffuser on the lowest, preferably coldest setting.

Another option is to plump up your hair. If you have an old cotton shirt or a hydrophilic cloth, make it into a kind of wrap and go to sleep with it. In the morning you will have beautiful dry fixed curls.

Can I use Curls Control products with permed hair?

Yes, Curls Control products also work on permed hair. It is very important to care for those curls because the hair is extra damaged. The Moisturiser nourishes, fixes and takes care of the frizzy curl. There is so much care in the product that actually everyone can use it, even if you do not have curls.

How do I control my child's curls?

Our little curly smurfs have also been thought of. They also suffer from hair that explodes due to rain and wind. All that needs to be done is wash and style the hair with all desired Curls Control products. All Curls Control products are suitable for children. Play with the amount of product to find what works best for the curls.

Tip: divide the hair into 2 or 3 parts so that the products are easier to apply.

Tip: try to touch all the hair when applying the products, otherwise you will see spots without curls or hair that will still fluff. The hair can simply air dry. If your child likes to have it dried with the diffuser, that’s even better, since kids like to touch their hair and this disrupts the process of the products.

Tip: make an old cotton T-shirt into a kind of wrapping cloth which you wrap around the head. Then in the morning they wake up with beautiful fixed curls that you only have to shake loose.

Is it possible to receive samples?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send samples. The amount of product required for proper treatment does not fit into a sample bag.

To get the best results from your curls, it’s important to experiment with the products to find out what works best for you.

To test, we have the total package small. This is a great package to try out if and how the products work for you.

There is an error in my order, what can I do?

Of course we are sorry that you did not receive the correct order. Please contact us within 24 hours after delivery using the contact form on our contact page, and we will solve the problem for you right away!

Unfortunately, we can no longer help you if you notify us on time.

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