About Curls Control

The story of Curls Control

If the perfect product doesn’t exist, why don’t we make it ourselves?

We know better than anyone what it is like to try out product after product for years. We couldn’t find a product that we were 100% satisfied with to use during our CC1 curl cutting courses that we provide in our curl cutting salon Curls & More.

Many products contain ingredients that are not suitable for curly hair. Think of parabens, sulfates, drying alcohols or harmful silicones. We do not want flown in products with environmentally unfriendly packaging. Making a contribution to the environment is important to us. In addition, the products should be easy to use so that you don’t need a closet full of products to get “exploded” curls cared for, bouncy, and in control.

What we think is important:

  • The ingredients are mostly organic, vegan and caring.
  • Our tubes are 100% made from waste from the sugar cane plant. How cool is that! A more environmentally friendly alternative to regular tubes.
  • Curls Control products are developed and produced in the Netherlands, and we are proud of this. We like to make as little impact on the environment as possible when it comes to transport.
  • And not unimportant, we have realized that only 4 products can create the perfect balance for your curls. All products are perfectly matched.

We have bundled our experience, passion, knowledge and the feedback from other curlers and developed the product for your curls: Curls Control. A Dutch product with a unique formula that contains no harmful substances, nourishes and defines to get the most out of your curls.

Our Mission

We want to help every curlie out there get the most out of her or his curls, regardless of their hair type. Every curl deserves to be cared for and to shine.

The team

Curls Control has now grown into an indispensable brand in the curl world. Everyone who uses it is amazed by the smooth functioning of the products. Behind the brand, of course, a whole team is ready for you. A team of various hairdressers and service employees who are happy to provide you with information during your haircut training, on Instagram and on the blog page.

Certified stylists

In addition to being a producer and supplier of the professional curl product Curls Control, we also provide training for hairstylists. After completing the training, the hairstylists master the CC1-professional curl cutting technique and they know everything about curls and how the Curls Control products work in order to bring your curls under perfect control. The stylists apply the technique and products in their own salon. Everywhere is a salon nearby where a curly head can entrust their curls.

The rating of www.curlscontrol.com at Webshop Trustmark Reviews is 9.4/10 based on 299 reviews.