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Products specially developed for curls

Have beautiful, healthy curls in a few steps with our products. Get the most out of the curls.

Want to follow curl cutting training at Curls Control?


Tips to make the most of your client’s curls

About Curls Control

We have bundled our experience, passion, knowledge and the feedback from other curlers and developed the product for your curls: Curls Control. A Dutch product with a unique formula that contains no harmful substances, nourishes, defines and gets the best out of curls.

Boy with curls

FAQ en tips

Find information on curl types, instructions for the best curls and many more curl tips.

Puffed up curls?

Our Cleanser, Moisturiser, Curl Crème and Curl Definer combine to create the most beautiful curls. This combination of products will get those beautiful bouncy curls for everyone!

This line, specially developed for curls, gives bounce and shine and protects against UV-radiation to prevent your hair from drying out. A unique no-toxic formula that nourishes, defines and makes the most of curls.

Your curls, our care

Puffed up curls?
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